Equity for Impact xEvery.org

Make good on your pledge to do good, together.

Equity for Impact is collaborating with Every.org to make giving with the Airfam community simple, effective, and joyful.

Give with Every.org

Discover nonprofits to maximize your impact, learn from others in the Airfam community, and make donations to charities, all in one place!

Visit the Equity for Impact group on Every.org to see what we’re building together.

For access, check your pledge confirmation email.

How it works


Maximize your impact

Our partners at Founders Pledge have curated opportunities to help you do the most good with your donations. Cause areas and recommended charities have been selected based on the Airfam’s interests and to optimize for impact.


Give in community

Discover what other members of our community are giving to, join the conversation, and amplify the causes and organizations you care about.


Donate, seamlessly

Donate to any 501(c)(3) via a bank account or credit card on the Every.org platform.


How do I get access?

A private link was shared with you in your confirmation email after taking the pledge. If you were one of the first 200 pledges, you'll receive the password in an email sent soon.

What is Every.org?

Every.org is a nonprofit-run social donation platform. Through Every.org, you donate to 1.7 million nonprofits, track your donations, share and discover nonprofits through community, and reduce fees while giving.

Am I required to give through Every.org?

Nope! This collaboration with Every.org is meant to make giving simpler for Equity for Impact pledgers, and make it easier to give effectively and in community. Within our Every.org community, we’re recommending high impact charities to give to, centered around key cause areas for Equity for Impact participants. You can also see where other members of the Airfam are giving through our Community page.

Regardless of whether you give through Every.org or another way, you’re welcome to view our recommendations for high impact giving.